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British Retro 746 Phone Marble
British Retro 746 Phone Marble

The 746 is a quintessential british retro telephone and '60s style icon. Launched in 1967 by the general post office in response to public demand, it would inspire two decades of conversation and is, to this day, the universal symbol of the phone. Known as the 'modern phone', it was a welcome redesign to the popular 706 model.Authentic 1960's styling...

Snurk - Mermaid Duvet Set - Single
Snurk Mermaid Duvet Set

Encourage your little ones to dream big with SNURK's children duvet covers. This gorgeous Snurk Kids Mermaid Duvet Bedding Set is for all little girls who dream of swimming in the ocean with their fishy friends! a duvet cover set with photographic print of a beautiful ballerina. This is a great design accessory and a wonderful gift to fall asleep dreaming...

Illumibowl™ Toilet Night Light
Automatic Sensor Toilet Night Light

No more stumbling in the dark when nature calls. The Automatic Sensor Toilet Night Light is motion activated to go on when you walk in and turn off when you leave. Set the light to a single color or rotate through a rainbow of soft shades.Motion Activated: The sensor motion light will light up the toilet seat when people come close in 6.5ft. If no...

Elodie Unicorn Planter
Elodie Unicorn Planter

Adding plants to your work space have proven health benefits, not only do plants bring life to your interior decor, they also clean and purify the air you breath. Liven up your work space or bedroom nook with our cheerful Elodie Unicorn Planter. Keep it kawaii!Ceramic planter with super kawaii face Gold horn and pastel mane Measures approximately 13cm x...

Breaking Bad Cutting Board
Breaking Bad Cutting Board

This handmade cutting board is perfect for fans of the TV series Breaking Bad who enjoy cooking (cooking food that is). The cutting board displays Walter White’s classic mean mug face with the phrase “Let’s Cook” engraved. Moreover perfect for personalized gift, anniversary gift, housewarming gift, kitchen decor, fathers day gift, gift for parents,...

Batman On The Toilet Print
Batman On The Toilet Print

Batman may be a billionaire philanthropist crime fighter – but at the end of the day he poops just like the rest of us. This unique art print lets us see what Gotham’s Dark Knight looks like when he’s at his most vulnerable. An ideal gift for Father's day or for bachelor pad, to put in your bathroom or your Batcave! This print is sure to put a smile on...

The MasterPan All-in-One
The Master Pan All-in-One

The MasterPan an innovative kitchen tool, is a must have. Whether you are a dorm dweller with a hot plate, or a father of four with a kitchen the size of Rhode Island, the MasterPan is your new best friend. The cast aluminum, single burner pan is partitioned into five compartments so that your entire meal can be created in that one vessel. You save time,...

Cherry Lavatory Brush
Cherry Toilet Brush

The Cherry Toilet Brush is sure to brighten up your bathroom. Cleaning the loo is never going to be the most enjoyable task in the world, but having a novelty toilet brush holder will at least make it bearable. You could even say that it's the cherry on top of the cake... The handle is designed to look just like a cherry stem and body of the fruit...

Galaxy Star Projector and Sound Machine
Galaxy Star Projector and Sound Machine

Soothe the mind and relax with the Galaxy Star Projector! Turn your living room or bedroom into a galaxy of twinkling stars while you listen to your favourite sounds of nature! Includes 6 nature sounds - ocean surf, birds with creek sounds, rain falling, birds, babbling brook, night sounds, Galaxy Star Projector and Sound Machine transforms your living...

Candy Grabber
Classic Retro Candy Grabber

Enjoy some playful funfair and arcade action with a Retro Candy Grabber. Everyone loves trying to win something at the arcade, and now this arcade favourite is available for the home with sweeties! Great for parties and gatherings, the Goody Grabber is a fun game with a sweet reward! The Goody Grabber comes with a set of plastic tokens - just insert one...

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