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Multicolour Bottle Light
Multicolour Bottle Light

Go from dinner party to disco in seconds with our next generation Bottle Light.It may look familiar, but the Multicolour Bottle Light is full of surprises. With 7 different colours to switch between you can now create more impressive table features and party decorations than ever before! Shaped like a cork with a super bright LED that recharges via USB,...

The Llama Feather Duster
The Llama Duster

This adorable Llama Duster makes a wonderful desk companion, because it is A.) Cute + Floofy, and B.) Extremely useful! The Llama Duster's hot pink microfiber attracts dust like a magnet. Plus, the bendable head and neck lock at three different angles, allowing you to clean a wide variety of surfaces. When finished, bend back into the resting pose and...

The Original Moustache Guard Mug
BUCARDO Mustache Guard

We moustache you an important question!Now then then would be the perfect moment to start talking about the The Original Moustache Guard Mug. Back in the day, a gentleman knew how to protect his moustache. Now, a 19th century staple is revived for the modern man. The Bucardo Mug features original artwork and a classic moustache guard, a specialized...

Kitt-a-Boo Wall Hook
Kitt-a-Boo Wall Hook

What if I were to tell you that hanging up your jacket or purse when you get home after a long day of work, could be the greatest moment of your day? This wall hook features a little kitty-cat that pops his head out of the top whenever you hang something on the hook. The hook is also meant to be the cat's tail, so he'll pop out of the box in surprise that...

Chevron Tropical Pink Flamingo Mug
Flamingo Chevron Mug

Mugs don't get much better than this! This pink flamingo mug is our new fave! With chevron pattern and flamingo handle - this mug is a beaut! Made from quality ceramic, this pretty pink mug features a handle with a difference. A bold flamingo curves its neck to form the handle of the mug.This fun Ceramic Pink Flamingo Shaped Handle Mug is perfect for...

Retro Pac-Man Lamp
Retro PacMan Lamp

As any child of the 80s will tell you, the best tables have Pac-Man built-in. But if you can’t find one, just pop a Pac-Man Lamp on the one you’ve got. Adding a nostalgic glow to any game geek’s home, this retro arcade light has a range of fun remote-controlled functions. Treat the kids to a Pacman night light using the remote’s handy dimmer button. Or...

I Miss Drugs Mug
I Miss Drugs Mug

I Miss Drugs Mug ... This mug holds quite a bit of irony. I am not sure if the users of this mug realize caffeine is a drug, but either way i think we know what kind of drugs we are talking about here… This high quality ceramic mug is available in a matte black texture while the humorous saying on the front of the mug helps you get the day started on a...

Inflatable Pizza Slice Pool Float
Inflatable Pizza Slice Pool Float

Lounge in the pool on one these fun and colourful Pizza Pool Slice Floats from The Bazaarist. This tasty summer ride is perfect in the pool, guaranteed to add a slice of fun to any party. The pizza slice pool inflatable is on a whole other level of cool. Everyone loves pizza !! Now you can even float around on your own pizza slice!Giant Inflatable Pizza...

Sunnylife Beach Sounds Speaker & Radio
Sunnylife Beach Sounds Speaker & Radio

A day at the beach or pool just isn't complete without the right musical soundtrack. What better way to broadcast your jams than with this vintage-styled portable speaker that hooks up to your phone or MP3 player. An AM/FM tuner is also included for grooving along with some rad radio. With its sunshiny colors and retro styling, this amplified speaker set...

Jade Face Roller Rose Quartz & Gua Sha Massage Natural Stone Gift Set Anti-Aging Wrinkles
Jade Face Roller Rose Quartz

❤️ Natural Stone: The real jade is made of rose quartz stone from the mine. It is the favorite of ancient Chinese nobles. often Using it for health benefits. It feels cold when touched. Each group has a unique color or texture. ❤️ Amazing Physical Therapy Effects: the jade stone contains selenium, zinc, nickel, cobalt, manganese, magnesium, calcium and...

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